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March 2004 Issue


Below, find our archived issue of the 5 Star Support Monthly Newsletter.


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5 Star Support Monthly Newsletter  

March 2004 Issue
Inside this issue:
[1] Notes from the Editor:
by Vince Underwood
Welcome to all new subscribers and welcome back to all loyal 5 Star Supporters!
March has special meaning for 5 Star Support because it marks yet another anniversary of its existence helping the Internet community. This is now the 4th year and still going very strong. With the help of the talented individuals that donate their time to this venture, I don't see any reason why we can't go for another 4 years.
Many of my friends have watched 5 Star Support grow from baby to giant and wonder why I don't change it to a paid service. Well, the truth be told...I don't want 5 Star Support to become a JOB!  As it is, it's just a hobby. The donations that you loyal supporters give helps to keep the financial burden to a minimum.
I have always said that we are here to help the people that cannot afford technical service that can often be very expensive. However, if there are those that can afford to give a few dollars, then give of your own free will!
Now, just sit back, relax and enjoy your March 2004 Issue.
Kind regards always,
Vince Underwood
Editor, 5 Star Support
A Computer Learning Environment
[2] Industry News - XP Reloaded:
Microsoft considering update dubbed 'XP Reloaded'
By Ina Fried
Staff Writer, CNET
Microsoft is considering updating Windows XP before it releases Longhorn, the code name for a major overhaul of the industry's dominant operating system that is not expected for about two years.
Issuing an update to XP would represent a significant shift for the software maker, which for months has insisted that it had no plans to create a separate version of Windows before Longhorn. A company executive confirmed to CNET on Thursday that Microsoft is now discussing a product internally referred to as "Windows XP Reloaded."
What's new:
Reversing its earlier stance, Microsoft is considering an update to XP dubbed 'Reloaded' that would be issued before Longhorn.
Bottom line:
The move could indicate that Microsoft considers the gap between the 2001 introduction of XP and Longhorn, which is now not expected until 2006, to be too long. Some are saying the four-year span has created an opportunity for Linux to make further inroads against Windows.
Any further release would follow Windows XP Service Pack 2, a security-oriented upgrade that is slated to arrive before midyear. The features that would be included in an update are still under discussion, Windows lead product manager Greg Sullivan said in an interview.
"Calling it an interim release is overstating the current plan," Sullivan said. "We are exploring ways to add value to Windows XP."
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[4]  Tips and Tricks:
<>Printing Web Pages from your Browser:
When I print a web page from my browser it sometimes ends up printing 3 or more pages, when all I wanted was what was on the first page, how do I find out how many pages there really is to a web page?
Printing from your browser is like printing from any other program you use.
Please note: Not all printer driver software will support this.
From your browser you should be able to select
File> Print Preview
You will notice near the top of the preview page how many pages are involved.
Click the Print Button
Now you can choose how many pages you would like to print in the Page Range section.
Printing Selections of Text in a web page:
If you only want a portion of text on a web page to print, you can
Select the text (highlight the text with your mouse)
Choose File> Print
The Print dialogue box appears
In the Page Range section choose Selection
Then click Print
<>Sorting it out - NT 4.0, 3.51
Did you know you can customize the DIR command? You can set the DIR sort options so that when you do a DIR, the files will appear in the order you specify. To do this, type Set dircmd=\o:xxx /a at the command prompt.
For xxx substitute from the following list:
N - sorts by name
E - sorts by extension
D - sorts by date
S - sorts by size
A - sorts by last access date
G - sorts by groups directories first
To group the directories first and then sort by name, and then by date, you'd enter Set dircmd=\o:GND /a
To force a reverse order, use a minus sign before the letter. The command Set dircmd=\o:-N /a Will tell DIR to sort by name starting with Z moving to A.
<>Many people don't know about using the HOME and END keys on your keyboard as shortcuts. In most Windows programs dealing with text, you can use them as follows:
-=HOME Jumps to the beginning of the line
-=END Jumps to the end of the line
-=CTRL+HOME Jumps to the beginning of the document
-=CTRL+END Jumps to the end of the document
-=SHIFT+CTRL+HOME Highlights the text between the current cursor point and the beginning of the document
-=SHIFT+CTRL+END Highlights the text between the current cursor point
and the end of the document
<>Great article on how to perform a backup of your Windows XP computer(s) in a home network environment:


<>How to back up Windows Media Player Library (XP - 2000)

There are two files that need to be copied to create a backup: CurrentDatabase_59R.wmdb and wmpfolders.wmdb.

They exist in hidden folders along this path:
C:\Documents and Settings\UserName\Local Settings\Application Data\Microsoft\Media Player

Just replace the UserName above with your correct user name and you shouldn't have any trouble finding the files. Your CurrentDatabase_59R.wmdb may be pretty big depending on the number of songs/albums in your Windows Media Player. My file is about 15MB.

Remember - when making backups - do not put the backup on the same drive as the original file. Put it on a network drive or a removable media, like a dvd-r or a cd-r.

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[5] Microsoft Proposes Caller ID for E-Mail:
By Michael Singer

SAN FRANCISCO -- In his quest to kill spam, Microsoft Chief Software Architect Bill Gates Tuesday appealed to security leadership, asking them to adopt his fledgling "Caller ID for E-mail" program.

The multi-tiered project would act much like how caller identification for telephones shows the phone number of the person calling. The proposal is part of the Redmond, Wash.-based company's Coordinated Spam Reduction Initiative (CSRI).

"Spam is both a nuisance and a security threat," Gates said to attendees at week's RSA Conference 2004 here emphasizing that using white lists or what Microsoft calls "rich safe-listing" e-mail is key. "Having e-mail come in, and not really being able to identify where it comes from, this is a huge security hole. And like so many of the standards and protocols that grew up on the Internet in the early days, we need to strengthen these in this environment where there is malicious activity."

Despite heavy industry and government involvement, however, Microsoft is moving ahead with its own plans. The company is calling for system-wide changes to the e-mail infrastructure and asking for high-volume e-mail senders to demonstrate their compliance with reasonable policies and viable alternatives for smaller-scale senders to distinguish themselves from spammers.

...Catch the rest of this article here:


[6] How do I stop receiving spam (junk email)?:
Never reply to spam
This is the probably the worst thing you could do. By replying to the message, you are confirming that your email address is a valid address to the junk emailer. Also, if you reply, the junk emailer will know that they have a valid email address and will sell it to anybody that wants a list of valid email addresses, which will only result in you getting more junk email.

Some mailing lists do have an option to reply and be removed from a mailing list. Before replying, make sure that the email is actually from the mailing list you want to be removed from. If you are not sure whether the message is junk email or not, the best advice is to not reply and simply delete it.

....catch the rest of this article here:

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[7] Problems and Solutions:
Compiled from 5 Star Support Email Support


Q#W1-14196 Auto System Shutdown

My PC was working alright on Win 98 SE, but I recently changed the OS to Win XP Pro. Problem is very strange, installation went through smoothly, but when I started my PC the very next day it started normally, displayed desktop normally i.e no error messages but just after displaying desktop suddenly screen goes completely blank.. just like system has been shut down.. after this LED on monitor changes its color from green to orange which indicates that monitor is getting no data from CPU.

<>Additional information:

Cabinet type is AT [not ATX], LAN card used to access internet.


I changed power settings in BIOS as well as Control panel, but nothing worked, my system engineer changed processor but that too failed. I also made changes in system startup [msconfig.exe] I disabled win.ini file, but problem persists.


Suggested various websites & BIOS settings. Solution was a joint effort, so some credit goes to me too...!!
I made following changes: Disabled 'win.ini' file (using msconfig.exe) from system startup. Also changed BIOS setting called 'Halt on errors', I changed this setting to 'Do not halt on errors' from its earlier selection 'Halt on all errors'.
I cant say with confidence that exactly which setting was responsible for the problem, but I suspect BIOS setting solved the problem. Disabling win.ini file from system startup did not affect any software or hardware, I advise that if you face similar problem first disable this file from startup.



The icons on home page of my computer are distorted. the ones above "my computer", "internet explorer" etc....


I have tried a restart point. have run scan disc. disk defragmenter, have changed settings, have asked "Dr. Watson".


Right-click the Windows desktop and select Properties
Within the Display Properties dialog box, click the Appearance tab
Select Icon from the Item drop-down list box
In the Size box select either size 32 or 48 since icons are sharpest at those sizes:

To use normal size icons : click the up-down-arrow to display 32

To use large icons : click the up-down-arrow to display 48.

Click OK
Thank You,



5 Star Support Q#H1-14089 Printer Driver:
Hi! I recently bought this new computer (Sony V100G); however, I still want to use my old printer (HP DeskJet 820Cse). The problem is that physically, I don't know how to hook up my printer to my computer because my new computer does not have the right printer driver or port??? I don't even know what it's called, but basically, my computer doesn't have a slot to fit the thing that connects the printer to the computer! I do have USB 2.0 ports on my computer, and from what I understand I should be able to connect other things to my computer via those slots; but my printer doesn't have a USB slot! I feel very disappointed that I can't use my printer just because it's older than my computer. Is there anything I can do or buy to make these two machines compatible?

<>Solution #1:


The cable that is coming from your printer is called a parallel cable, which connects into a parallel port. You can buy what is called a parallel to usb adapter cable. This will allow you to connect your printer to your computer in the usb slots. Then, all you have to do is go to the Hewlett Packard website and download the driver for the model of HP printer that you have. Of course, you only have to download the driver if the printer does not work initially.

Thank You,


<>Solution #2:

Hi Kumi: You should be able to purchase an adapter at your local computer store, however I am very surprised that your new computer does not have a parallel port on the motherboard. I must be honest, this would be the first time I have heard of a computer not being equipped with this "basic" port. Is this one of the new "All in One" thin screen computers that have everything built into the Monitor? How disappointing this would be for you.
Not a major problem though, just pick up a Parallel - USB adapter at your parts store and you should be in the running. The attached picture shows what you need to look for. I would appreciate your feedback if you don't mind....Thanks....Tim.



5 Star Support Q#S1-13924

My wife and I both frequently buy things through various on-line merchants. We do not have any problems with any of them except one. It is They have the standard shopping cart and my wife will select the items she wants to buy and then click "Proceed to Checkout". The system will do nothing-it is not frozen or crashed it just doesn't go anywhere. She then calls their 1-800 number and they say that there is no problems at their end. She can proceed to order from any number of other sites and has no problems. Can you all shed any light on what the problem is? Every site except this one works fine.


<>Additional information:

Internet Explorer 5.5
Outlook Express 5.5
Norton SystemWorks 2003 with Updates


Called the company 1-800 number and discuss with them. They say they have no problems and receive orders from many other people


Changed Active X Controls and Scripting to 'Prompt' from 'Disable' and downloaded and installed IE6 to replace IE5.5.



My hyperlinks would not work


Went to My Computer/View/Folder Options/File Types/in the Registered File Types, click URL:Hypertext Transfer Protocol/Edit/open/edit/ok



5 Star Support Q#W1-14161 MSOE.DLL not loaded

I have just connected to the internet and cannot get into outlook express as a notice appears saying that MSOE.DLL is not loaded.


I have searched for outlook express and found it but don't know how to find MSOE.DLL and load it.


Try these links to Microsoft's knowledge base to resolve the issue the third one about the address book has worked for me in similar situations. Let me know if this helps.


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