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June 2001 Issue


Below, find our archived issue of the 5 Star Support Monthly Newsletter.


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5 Star Support Monthly Newsletter  

June 2001 Newsletter

Inside this issue:

1) Note from the editor
2) Industry News
3) Helpful Web Sites
4) Multiple Monitors in Windows 98
5) The DVD Player
6) Windows 95/98 Tips
7) Questions and Answers
8) Contact Information

[1] Note from the Editor:

Hello to all subscribers. With summer here and the sun shining, I have
been spending most of my free time with my family. I haven't done much
with the web site over the last month. Things should be slowing down for
me soon and I will be able to get back to adding more helpful support
stuff to the site. 

I hope this newsletter finds you all healthy and happy!

If you find this newsletter helpful, please help support it by sending it
to your friends and colleagues. Thanks for your support!

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[2] Industry News:

<>AOL to possibly drop Internet Explorer:
by MSBC NewsSource

Over the last few weeks we've seen several reports that America Online is
preparing to drop Internet Explorer from its client software by the end of
this year. Despite a pending merger with Netscape, AOL chose IE as its
default browser in 1998 in exchange for a default icon on the Windows
desktop. The 1998 contract expired on January 1 of this year and has not
been renewed, with talks to extend it going nowhere. Now AOL beta testers
are reporting the next CompuServe client under development is based around
components of Mozilla, the open source browser developed from what once
was Netscape. Rumors say the CompuServe and AOL services are being
combined under a single user interface, so it's very likely that AOL 7.0
will also use a client based on components of Mozilla. That takes AOL's 30
million customers away from Internet Explorer and back to
Netscape/Mozilla, a serious shift in browser market share. 

So why is AOL finally considering its own software some two years after
purchasing it? From what we can tell, AOL no longer feels that an icon on
the Windows desktop is worth the abuse it takes from Microsoft in
exchange. With Windows XP eliminating default desktop icons to "reduce
clutter" and Microsoft preparing to integrate MSN and .NET with Windows
and MSN Messenger in a deliberate action against AOL, all deals are off.
The world's largest Internet service will probably launch Linux versions
of its software in the near future as a shot across Microsoft's bow,
followed by long-promised handheld and TV top services based on open
source software. Recess just ended and AOL is finally playing for keeps -
Microsoft may soon get a taste of its own medicine.


<>Internet Explorer 6 Privacy Tools:

Microsoft has revealed details on privacy tools it will deliver in the
next version of its web browser software, Internet Explorer 6.

The privacy tools will help users select their own level of privacy
protection in dealing with websites, and in particular with the sites' use
of cookies. IE6, due for release this summer, will be the first Internet
browser software to include such privacy tools, according to Microsoft. 

"With these significant privacy features in Internet Explorer 6, Microsoft
is helping to give people critical notice and consent information in their
browser experience, to better know what information is collected about
them via cookies," said Rick Belluzzo, president and chief operating
officer at Microsoft. "Privacy is a key part of Microsoft's .NET efforts,
and this work is a step toward enabling the .NET experiences of the
future, where devices, applications and services work together on behalf
of the users." 

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[4] Multiple Monitors in Windows 98:

You might want to have multiple monitors for the same reason that you
might like to work at a big table sometimes. For example, when you are
doing your taxes or working on a big science fair project, it is nice to
have several books and four stacks of paper open simultaneously. It works
the same way on the computer. For certain tasks, it is helpful to have
lots of open windows that are all visible simultaneously. This is
especially true for computer programmers working on large projects,
artists and editors cutting and pasting from multiple sources, etc. 

It turns out that Windows 98 comes with multiple monitor support that
allows two (or more) monitors to be used simultaneously. To try this
feature you need a second graphics card and (obviously) a second monitor.
It makes things more symmetric if the two monitors and cards are the same,
but they don't have to be. You can either place the monitors side by side
to create a wide desktop, or you can place one on top of the other. With
three or more you can arrange them almost any way you like. 

[5] The DVD Player:

A DVD is very similar to a CD, but it has a much larger data capacity. A
standard DVD holds about seven times more data than a CD does. This huge
capacity means that a DVD has enough room to store a full-length,
MPEG-2-encoded movie, as well as a lot of other information. 
Here are the typical contents of a DVD movie: 

* Up to 133 minutes of high-resolution video, in letterbox or pan-and-scan
format, with 720 dots of horizontal resolution. The video compression
ratio is typically 40:1, using MPEG-2 compression. 

* Soundtrack presented in up to eight languages, using 5.1 channel Dolby
digital surround sound. 

* Subtitles in up to 32 languages. 

DVD can also be used to store almost eight hours of CD-quality music per
side (although this is not a very common practice yet). 

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[6] Windows 95/98 Tips:

<>Enable Modem Sound:

Open the Dial-Up Networking folder by going to Start> Programs>
Accessories> Communications> Dial-Up Networking. Right-click your usual
connection and select Properties. Under General, click Configure under the
Connect Using section. From there, you can increase or decrease the volume
of the modem. Modem sound settings are saved for each individual Dial-Up
Networking connection. 


<>Speed up your refresh rate:

When your desktop displays many icons in full color, it often takes longer
to refresh and reload. To speed things up a bit, try this: 

1) Click on the Display icon in the Control Panel. 
2) Click on the Effects tab and look for the box that says "Show icons
using all possible colors." 
3) Unchecking this often speeds up the computer. 


<>Notepad Word Wrap:

If you do a lot of word processing in Notepad, you will have noticed that
your words will travel to the right unendingly. Notepad acts like this by
default. To change it so that the words wrap at the right edge of the
window, simply go to Edit then select Word Wrap. 

Note: Once the Word Wrap option is on, feel free to size your Notepad
window up or down. Notepad adjusts the text inside so that you can see it
all, regardless of the size of the window.


<>Escape a Drag and Drop: 

If you are moving files around on your desktop (as an example), it is
possible to stop the drag and drop operation by pressing the Escape key on
your keyboard. This is extremely useful when you realize that you have
made a mistake and by pressing the escape key, it will leave the file
exactly where it started. 


<>Changing File Extensions:

Caution should be taken when you change the extensions as you could
possibly render the file unreadable. The application needs to have an
extension that can understand its format. But if you're sure you need to
change a file extension, here's how: 

1) Open a folder and go to View, Folder Options. 
2) Click the View tab and uncheck the box that says Hide File Extensions
For Known File Types. 
3) When you rename a file from that point forward, you can type a period
and three letter characters to give it a new extension. 

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[7] Questions and Answers:
Posted to 5 Star Support

This is not really a problem, just looking for a simple answer. I love
making my own stationery in Outlook Express Stationery Wizard. However, I
am frustrated by the fact that I am limited to certain colors to choose
from for the background and font colors. Is there any way to install more
colors so that I will have a better selection to pick from? Thanks!

Go to the Source Tab at the bottom of the New Message window (if the
source tab is not visible: with the new window up and the stationary of
choice in the new message, go to View and check the "Source Edit" line)
and the lines you want to change are these:

<background-color: #FFFFFF>
<color: #ffffff> (to change the font color)

Change the ffffff to anything you like from the 64 million hexadecimal
codes and presto you have the background you like.

Here is the URL of a hexidecimal color chart to help you choose colors:

Also, you can try this link for help:



I have a printer connected via USB port. I cannot get the printer to run.
I went to the printer properties and then to details, under Print to the
following port, there is no USB listed. I clicked on add a port and tried
to add the USB. I am no pro. went it comes to this subject so I am sure I
am doing something wrong when trying to add a port. So what I am looking
for is information on how to add the USB to my list of ports to print
Thank You!


To install a Communication port in Windows 98 follow the instructions

1) Click Start / Settings / Control Panel 
2) Double click the icon for Add New Hardware 
3) Click Next / Next 
4) Unless Windows 98 detects the Communication port click No / Next 
5) Click No / Next 
6) Click Ports (COM & LPT) 
7) Select either Communication port for a serial or modem port or Printer
port for printer port. 
8) Click Next 
9) Click Finish 

Once completed you may need to restart the computer before that port will
be present. To verify if the port installed check Device Manager



I wish to disable the Windows ME and Dell splash screens at startup. I
did it on my old computer, but don't remember how. Thanx for your help.


Easy way: Tweak UI, Boot tab, remove mark from display splash screen.
TweakUI is part of a free bundle of utilities called Powertoys available

Other way: Change the logo setting in msdos.sys file.



Not a problem but a query:
How do calculate HD capacity when I know the number of cylinders, heads,
and sectors (I know there's a calculation but cannot locate it on the net).


Heads X Cylinders X Sectors per Cylinder x 512 bytes per sector will give 
you the number of bytes on the disk. Divide by 1024 for KBytes, 1024 
again for MBytes and 1024 again for GBytes.



I cannot double click using the left button on my mouse. To access any
links I have to left click once to highlight, then right-click once and
click Open. This problem only seems to have occurred during the last
month and I cannot think of any reason as to why this may be happening.
Can you help? Thanks!


It's possible that you've set your double-click speed so fast that it is
humanly possible to double-click quick enough.

Go into the Control Panel and open the Mouse Properties window. The
bottom half of the window is dedicated to double-click speed and the
slider should be somewhere in the middle of it's range. If it's over to
the far right then that is your problem - you'll need to adjust it.


[8] Contact Information:

This Newsletter is brought to you by 5 Star Support - Free Technical
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I hope that you found my newsletter interesting and informative!
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Newsletter Staff


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