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January 2004 Issue


Below, find our archived issue of the 5 Star Support Monthly Newsletter.


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5 Star Support Monthly Newsletter  

January 2004 Issue

Inside this issue:

1) Notes from the Editor
2) Industry News-Dell Zero Financing
3) Helpful Web Sites
4) Tips and Tricks
5) IE Flaw Lets Spoofers Con Web Surfers
6) Cleaning LCD Monitors
7) Problems and Solutions
8) Contact Information/Unsubscribe

[1] Notes from the Editor:
by Vince Underwood

Welcome to all new subscribers and welcome back to all 5 Star Supporters!
In an effort to increase the membership for the newsletter, I have teamed up with They have many newsletters that you can subscribe to. They have 
user reviews in many cases so that you can make an educated decision before 
subscribing to these lists. It is definitely worth the visit!


If you find the 5 Star Support newsletter useful, then please send it out to all of your friends and colleagues. If there are those of you that can afford to make a small contribution to help support this publication, then I graciously accept your kind offering. Please do not feel obligated to give your hard earned money, only give of your own free will.

Now just sit back, relax and enjoy your January 2004 issue. 

Happy New Year to you all!


Vince Underwood
Editor, 5 Star Support
A Computer Learning Environment


[2] Industry News:

Dell said Friday that it will offer consumers zero interest financing on everything from 
digital music players to television sets as the No. 1 personal computer maker tries to 
steal share in the consumer-electronics market. 
Dell, based in Round Rock, Texas, has offered zero percent financing to business 
customers in the past as it faced stiff competition and a downturn in demand for 

Although that downturn has eased, corporations have been slow to return to their old 
buying habits, making consumers and their steady spending habits an attractive target. 

Dell, as well as its competitors Hewlett-Packard and Gateway, has launched a slew of 
products aimed at consumers. It now sells Dell-branded printers, handheld computers 
and LCD televisions in addition to computers and data storage machines. 

The zero percent financing offer is for purchases of $500 or more and starts Jan. 3 
and runs through Jan. 30. It applies to 12 months of financing, the company said. In 
addition to consumer electronics, the offer includes Dell's personal computers. 
Story Copyright 2004 Reuters Limited. All rights reserved. 


[4] Tips and Tricks:

<>How to clear browser cache:

Running out of disk space? Can't stop your browser from loading an out-of-date page 
or an image? Your browser taking longer to exit? Your favorite Java applet is 

One of the answers to all of the above questions may be to clear your browser's 
cache. Almost all web browsers maintain a local copy of web pages and other related 
items on your disk or memory to speedup reloading of previously visited pages from 
the Internet. This time saver may get bigger and slower over long periods of time. If 
this is causing problems, try clearing your browser cache as follows. 
TIP: Although it's not required by all browsers, restarting your browser after clearing 
the cache is a good idea. If you're using Explorer 4.x or Explorer 5.x it's better to 
restart the computer as well. 

*Navigator 3.x:

Select "Options | Network Preferences..." from the main menu 
Change to the "Cache" tab 
Click on "Clear Memory Cache Now" and "Clear Disk Cache Now" buttons to clear 
memory and disk cache 

*Communicator 4.x:

Select "Edit > Preferences..." from the main menu 
Change to the "Advanced > Cache" section 
Click on "Clear Memory Cache" and "Clear Disk Cache" buttons to clear memory and 
disk cache.
TIP: Navigator 3.x and Communicator 4.x users: If you're often having to reload 
frequently updated pages, you may want to take this chance to set "Verify Documents" 
option to "Every Time." This will make the browser retrieve the latest copy of a web 
page even if it's in the cache. 

*Explorer 3.x:

Select "View > Options..." from the main menu 
Change to the "Advanced" tab 
Click on "Settings" button 
Click on "Empty Folder..." 
TIP: If you're running out of hard disk space, you could reduce percent of disk space 
used by Explorer 3.x for its cache by sliding the "Amount of disk space to use" guage. 

*Explorer 4.x:

Select "View > Internet Options..." from the main menu Change to the "General" tab 
Click on "Delete Files" button 
TIP: If you have Explorer 4.x Active Channel subscriptions, check "Delete all 
subscription content" to delete cached channel content as well. 

*Explorer 5.x:

Select "Tools > Internet Options..." from the main menu 
Change to the "General" tab 
Click on "Delete Files" button 
TIP: If you have stored web pages for offline viewing, check "Delete all offline content" 

*America Online 3.x (with Explorer 3.x):

Select "Members > Preferences" from the main menu 
Click on the "WWW" button 
Click on "Advanced..." 
Click on "Purge Cache" to clear the cache 
TIP: Be sure to check "Cache web pages and graphics locally" (which should be 
enabled by default) to speedup surfing. 

*America Online 4.x:

Select "My AOL > Preferences" from the main menu 
Click on the "WWW" button 
Change to the "General" tab 
Click on "Delete Files" button 
TIP: If you have Explorer 4.x Active Channel subscriptions, check "Delete all 
subscription content" to delete cached channel content as well. If you have stored web 
pages for offline viewing, check "Delete all offline content" 


<>Email Spam Filtering in Outlook Express:

Email Spam Filtering in Outlook Express:
If you're tired of receiving junk mail, you can have it deleted before you even have an 
'opportunity' go read it in Outlook Express. Simply proceed as follows:
1) Open Outlook Express
2) Select Tools from the menu bar
3) Select Message Rules... then Blocked Senders List
4) In the resulting dialog box you will find 3 tabs: Mail Rules, News Rules and Blocked 
Senders (the default). If you select Mail Rules, you can setup rules based upon 
subject matter, sender name or message content and have mail that meets your 
criteria moved to the folder of your choice - or deleted. We recommend setting up 
rules that delete any mail containing the following:
a) a blank 'sender' field (put "" in the rules field)
b) subject that contains !, $, XX, offer, cheerleaders, etc.
c) exclude the addresses from known offending countries such as .cn, .ch,.ru, .es, .jp, 
5) You can selectively block certain senders by bringing up their message, 
right-clicking on the senders address and selecting Block Sender... from the resulting 
In addition, to permanently get rid of this debris, you need to empty your Deleted 
Items folder periodically. To do this automatically, select Tools... Options, then click 
the Maintenance tab and check the Empty messages from the 'Deleted Items' folder 
on exit box, then click OK.

Note:  Outlook Express Spam filters (Message Rules) only apply to POP3 mail servers. Any Hotmail filtering is done on the Hotmail web site.

If you turn off the Preview Pane (View, Layout) in Outlook Express you can select and delete a message without OE trying to open it. For OE5+ you can add a button to the Tool Bar to toggle the Preview Pane off and on.


<>How to install a new font in Windows 98:

1)Click on the Start button. 
2)Highlight Settings. 
3)Click on Control Panel. 
4)Click on Fonts. The Fonts window opens. 
5)Click on File, which is located on the menu bar. 
6)Click on Install New Font. 
7)Specify the drive and folder where the font you want to install is currently located. 
8)Select the font you want to install from the fonts listed in the List of Fonts box. 
9)Select Copy Fonts to Fonts Folder (this will put a copy of the font you are installing 
in the Fonts folder). 
10)Click on OK. 


[5] IE Flaw Lets Spoofers Con Web Surfers:

By Lisa Valentine 
Enterprise Windows I.T.
December 11, 2003 1:44PM 

The flaw was reported as an advisory on the Secunia Web site and credited to "Zap 
the Dingbat." Microsoft, however, is unhappy about how the report traveled into the 
public domain. 

Get the complete story here:


[6] Cleaning LCD Monitors:

Can I use any type of cleaning solution on my LCD screen?
No, using alcohol or ammonia - based cleaners repeatedly may cause permanent 
damage to the LCD. Over time using these types of cleaners could cause the surface 
of the screen to yellow. It can also make the screen brittle and eventually cause 
cracking on the screen surface.

NOTICE: The following cleaners are unacceptable:
*Ethyl alcohol
*Ethyl acid
*Methyl chloride

What types of cleaners are acceptable?
*Vinegar (mixed with water)
*Isopropyl Alcohol
*Petroleum Benzene

What are some of the basic supplies needed to clean an LCD screen?
*A soft cotton cloth. When cleaning the LCD screen it is important to use a soft cotton 
cloth, rather than an old rag. Some materials, such as paper towels, could cause 
scratches and damage the LCD screen.
*Solution of water and isopropyl alcohol. This solution can be used along with the soft 
cotton cloth. 
*Computer wipes. Only use these if they specifically state on the package they are 
designed for LCD laptop screens. Computer wipes can come in handy for fast 
clean-ups or when you want to avoid mixing up a cleaning solution yourself.

How do I clean the LCD surface properly?
*Do not spray any liquids on the LCD screen directly, and do not use paper towels, 
this can cause the LCD screen to become scratched. 
*Always apply the solution to your cloth first, not directly to the parts you are 
cleaning. You want to avoid dripping the solution directly into your computer or laptop.
*Stroke the cloth across the display in one direction, moving from the top of the 
display to the bottom.


[7] Problems and Solutions:
Compiled from the 5 Star Support database


QW1-12945 Trojan Horse Infection
slmss.exe. trojan horse made it through the firewall and i can't get rid of it.

Additional information:

using zone alarm free firewall and free avg virus program


disable sys restore, shut down firewall, run taskmanager and delete slmss.exe, erase the registry entry, scan system with trendmicro software and followed directions. ran avg virus program, virus killed!



Q#W3-13018 History Icon on Start Menu
Trying to create a shortcut to History on Start Menu


go to explorer find history under user\local
settings right click on the history folder--send to desktop---then drag it



Q#S1-13044 Printing Emails
Is there any way to preset something so my emails and web pages will print-and fit left to right on the page? I've set margins as far as possible and usually end up having to print "landscape", which wastes paper. I'm using an HP 895cse printer, Internet Explorer Browser, and Yahoo email. I always have to use "print preview" first, because chances are, the print won't all fit and would run off the right end of the paper.


Highlight what I want to print...on print set up click "selection"



Support Q#W2-13036 Help Kill Virus 
I am having problem accessing my c:\WINDOWS folder and also i think i have a virus because when I check the anti virus it said that I have a virus call Trojan horse Startpage.B and it was located in my c:\_RESTORE\TEMP it's in the file inside. I don't know how long i have had the virus but I didn't realized it until I on AIM and click on a profile and then click on a link inside and a virus popped up. I don't know what to do. I don't if I should do system restore or not and will that help or be just a waste of time. Please help me in anyway that you can thank-you very much.


The Trojan Horse is not a virus. It is spyware, something that is planted in the
computer to spy on your web visits etc. It comes from downloading some types of
Shareware, such as music from Kazaa and others.

To get rid of it you will need to first, turn off your System Restore. Go to Start,
Settings, Control Panel, click on the System icon and then the Performance Tab. 
Check to Disable System Restore. Restart the computer.

Now go to Download and run AdAware, a spyware/trojan search and removal tool.

Then, open Internet Explorer, click on Tools, then Internet Options. On the General
Tab, click to Clear History and then to Delete Files.

Restart the computer in the Safe Mode (tap the F5 key as Windows Start Up) and disable any screen saver. Go to Programs, Accessories, Systems Tools and run the Disk Cleanup, Scan Disk (Standard Mode, Auto Fix Errors) and then the Disk Defragmenter. Restart the computer and the Trojan should be gone.

No, the System Restore will not correct a Trojan or virus problem. As a matter of
fact it is A problem when trying to get rid of a bad bug. It just restores it
after you've removed it.

You did turn off the System Restore, correct. If not, then do that and go back to
AdAware, run the update and then another scan to clear the system. 

If you still have the System Restore disabled and that folder still pops up, go to and download Spybot. Some times that picks up some stuff that the AdAware may miss.

Everything is soo great its hard to improve the service in my point of view. Thank-you very much for helping me.



Q#W2-13002 Optimizing Hard Drive Performance

My hard drive is approximately half full. (40 GB currently used) When it got to this point, I noticed a marked decrease in performance of games as well as slow access to the MY DOCUMENTS folder which now contains many downloaded files, WORD files, .jpgs, etc. How do I speed up my computer back to the way it used to be? 


AdsThere technician recommended removing unnecessary files from the desktop's MY DOCUMENTS folder, as this folder is handled differently by Windows than other folders. This solved the problem! I moved the non-critical files/folders to the Start Menu, per AdsThere's suggestion. I also cleaned up the desktop by placing most of my desktop icons/folders on the Start Menu as well. There is no longer any noticeable delay when running games nor when accessing files. 



After inserting a sony cd, it got jammed inside the drive. I attempted three strategies too fix this problem:
1. Go to My Computer, right click DVD CD-R/RW and click on eject. This failed.
2. Locate emergency eject hole to manually eject the lil sucker out of there. I can not find this hole. I have removed the plastic covering of the tower and I have yet to find this mysterious emergency hole. So, not surprisingly, that failed.
3. Take apart computer. This failed. 


The emergency eject hole should be on the front of your DVD unit if it exists. On my "Plexwriter", it is just below the CD tray in the middle of the CD-RW unit.

If there is no emergency eject hole built into the unit, you will have to remove the DVD unit from your computer and take it apart to get the Sony CD out of it. Just remove the screws on the outer part of the unit and the covering should come right off. At this point you can remove the jammed CD. goto your device manager and remove the drive - 

goto start - Right Click on MY COMPUTER - click on properties - click on Hardware - Click on device manager - click on the little + next to DVD/CDROM Drives - Right click on the DVD Drive - select uninstall - then exit - then restart your computer and windows will automatically re-install it.


The service was EXCELLENT!



Unable to access Laptop with XP Home because of lost password


I followed the below procedure from the link provided and was able to reset PW as I wanted.

It is somewhat involved and may be a problem for some but it does work.


<>Q#W3-13338 PC Shutdown:
When I had Windows 98 an I shut down my computer it would shut down automatically. I since upgraded my OS to Windows XP an when I shut down it says it safe to shutdown and I have to manually press the on/off button to turn my PC off. Is there something in Windows XP I have to change to correct this shutdown problem.


Load control panel 
Click on Performance and Maintenance 
Click on Power options 
Click on the APM tab on top 
Check mark the spot that is to enable APM support 


I was impressed. Don't change anything.


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Newsletter Staff


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